Mantaro has an extensive currency system. At times, new people don't know where to even begin. The purpose of these pages is to steadily introduce a few concepts and commands needed to progress while using the currency system.These pages are merely an explanation of concepts and commands in an order we believe is easy to understand for progressing. It is in no way the "correct", the "best" or the "only" way of using Mantaro. It is up to every user to decide themselves what they want to do with the system.


Global Currency Mantaro's currency system is global. What this means is that your progress/items/credits/etc. are the same across all servers. This means that something like spawning credits or items with a command is not possible, as it would throw the currency system into complete chaos. Regarless of you having admin permissions on a server, you will never be able to give users credits/items/etc. that you do not own yourself. Credits The currency used in Mantaro is called Credits. The main purpose of the currency system is to collect Credits. Credits are necessary for many of the purchases in the currency system. These credits have no real world value whatsoever. Items Mantaro counts with over 100 items for users to collect and use. Some items are only meant to be collected, other items can bring bonuses to the user and other items can enable certain commands.A full Item Documentation page can be found currency/items here. It is not necessary to know all items or to look into this page, but know that it can be a good resource in the future. Dust Sometimes a few of the currency commands will "fail" and won't give you credits or items. A lot of those times you will gather dust instead. A few commands gather dust when successfully used. When starting out, dust shouldn't be one of your main concerns until later on. If your dust levels are high enough then you will not be able to cast new items until you clean your dust, but more on that later. Help Command This one is very important. If you ever feel lost or don't remember how a command works, you can check that command's help to get the information without having to open this wiki. And if you do want to open the wiki, you can find our full command documentation commands/currency-commands here.To get a commands help you can use:/help command: [name of command]. Tip: The /help command will show you the full list of commands. Premium influence Premium status for users influences the currency in very specific ways, and we will probably mention it a few times in the next pages. However, there is more that premium can do. For the sake of not making this wiki any longer you may view what premium does basics/premium-perks here.


Regarding External Software, Macros, etc. (Cheating) If you have been caught using any external software, Macros (yes Macros are cheating) or similar you are breaking our legal/terms-of-service Terms of Service and Discord's Terms of Service.Very notable is that automating your user account in any way using Discord API wrappers is a very bannable offense by discord. ( Context)Warning: You will be blacklisted from using the bot and reported to discord in major cases.In minor cases you will be blacklisted from the bot, and you may send a polite appeal. An appeal is not simply saying you won't do it again.In very rare cases you may be blacklisted from the bot for being a huge d*ck to Developers or Staff.In even rarer cases you may be blacklisted from the bot when you have been blacklisted on other bots.Tip: You can report exploits or issues in our Support Server! Regarding Exploiting bugs If you are caught exploiting major bugs in Mantaro to gain an advantage we will reset your profile entirely.Depending on the situation you may even be blacklisted.Not reporting a major bug after having found it may cause us to misinterpret things. Your best bet is to simply report them.If you have reported the bug and accidentally used it multiple times, you are fine. However, intentionally using it multiple times is still a no-go despite reporting it. Regarding selling/buying stuff for real money Under no circumstances are you are allowed to sell/buy anything related to Mantaro for real money (this includes cryptocurrency of any kind). This is to prevent scams. If you are being offered a trade like this report them immediately and do not trade with them.Falling for a scam like this will be faced with no support. You have been warned.Warning: Offering such trades is a permanent blacklistable offense.