Mantaro Bot Terms of Service

This is a short, and hopefully comprehensive version of the ToS, directed to the publicThe Terms of Service of Mantaro Bot ("Agreement") is between Mantaro (or "the service") and you ("user" or "the end user").Kodehawa (and the other developers of Mantaro) has developed a Discord(tm) Bot ("the bot" or "Mantaro") in connection with the Discord(tm) API ("the Platform").By using the bot in any way or triggering the use of its systems you agree to be bound by this Agreement to all of its extent.This might be changed, prior warning, at any time.By using the bot, either by accessing its commands or using any of its features, you affirm that you have read this agreement, understands it and agrees to be bound by it.Note: TL;DR: You assume responsibility for streaming copyrighted material, cheating/botting is absolutely prohibited and might end up in all of your data being deleted without warning, and you agree to all the terms of this agreement

1. The bot and its systems

1.1. The bot and its systems: The bot (or if you prefer, Mantaro) consists in a tool, designed to make your experience using Discord(tm) more pleasurable and easier. Mantaro is designed to provide functionality when, and only when, it's added to a Discord(tm) guild ("server"). 1.2. Support: Support is provided only on the support server, in a 'first-come-first-serve' basis. Support via any other means is NOT in any way official. 1.3. General Statement: Mantaro is a service provided for free, without ANY GUARANTEES, and it's a beta product, which might contain bugs. We appreciate your understanding on that regard.

2. Music and Transmission.

2.1. Responsibility: The end user assumes all responsibility for the streaming of any copyrighted material. 2.2. Services: The music streaming services provided by the premium bot are subject to change, without prior notice and in any case. 2.3. Quality: We strive to provide the highest quality possible, but this might be subject to the usage of the bot and the quantity of concurrent users making use of it.

3. Use of the Mantaro "currency" and game system

3.1. Data: You agree that all data you provide to the bot through commands and that specifically or implicitly means it will be saved forever, on a database located on a remote location.The information is highly confidential and won't be sold or used by any other purpose that's not specific to the functionality of the bot. 3.2. Usage and cheating/botting: Cheating and/or botting (using self-bots/user-bots/macros/auto-clickers on your account to gain unfair advantage) are completely prohibited. If you're caught botting or cheating on any of the currency commands your profile is on a high risk of being deleted from the database completely without warning. Keep in mind this could get you banned from Discord as well as this is also against their ToS. 3.2.1. Macros: Keyboard macros are disallowed if they perform more than one command per keypress. If you have a macro to do /chop and then you have to press enter then that's ok, but if you do one that does "chop -> enter -> mine -> enter -> loot" then that's NOT okay, and it's considered botting. I get bored with typing /mine too sometimes, but don't run multiple commands with a single key press! That'll just get you flagged. 3.3. Re-incidences: If the end user continues to cheat on the games/currency commands, the account will be terminated, its data deleted without prior warning and the end user will be blocked from using the bot. 3.4. Appeals: It's possible to file a full appeal with the reasons on why you want to be unblocked from using the bot by sending an apology letter regarding the following points:The reason of why you cheated Why you won't cheat again Why should we trust you. 3.5. Money transfers: It's NOT allowed to exchange credits for real money. If you're caught doing this your profile is on a high risk of being deleted from the database completely without warning. This also comes into play if you're in a server who does that kind of transaction. This includes Discord Nitro trades, as some people just tend to send the money through PayPal. Anything that involves any kind of real money is utterly and completely prohibited. 3.6. Account deletion: We will delete your account and all the data associated with it on request, done through the support guild or by sending a DM to Kodehawa#3457. 3.7. Trading for other bots credits: This is usually considered a gray area and not encouraged. You're better off not doing this if you don't want to risk your account under any circumstances.

4. Premium Features

4.1. Validity All premium features of the bot are active only for the time you, either bought it (by a one-time donation) or until you stop pledging 4.2. Fairness: No premium feature shall give the end user a clearly unfair advantage over other users on the currency commands, except reduced rate-limits. 4.3. Patreon Bot: The Patreon Bot is an instance of Mantaro which runs on a separate server, with way more resources available and overall reduced latency. By all means, the usage of the patreon bot is also entitled to the agreement of this licence, and the licence can be enforced over the use of it.

5. Warranty and Liability.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

6. Abuse


7. Acknowledge

By using the bot, either by accessing its commands or using any of its features, you affirm that you have read this agreement, understands it and agrees to be bound by its contents.

8. Donations

Donation is the act by which the owner of a thing voluntarily transfers the title and possession of the same from himself to another person, without any consideration; a gift. A donation is never perfected until it has been accepted, for the acceptance is requisite to make the donation complete. The person making the gift is called the donor and the person receiving the gift is called the donee. If made to a qualified non-profit charitable, religious, educational or public service organization, it may be deductible as a contribution in calculating income tax.You take full responsibility for the money pledged or transferred to us. You agree that the money you sent is yours to send, and that you have full rights over it. You agree that you have the legal age to donate on your country and/or the permission to legally dispose of the funds.