A simple, useful and comprehensive Discord bot.

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Mantaro (and it’s API) is fully free and open source software. You can share and modify (in a fork) the source within the terms of the GNU GPL v3 license.

The source for the bot can be found on GitHub, and the source for the API aswell. Any libraries we release for the better functionality of the bot will always be released under free licenses, such as imageboard-api. We’re committed to open source development and to make the scene better for everyone making bots.

The source for this website is also available here.

This website uses the minimal theme by orderedlist, and it’s hosted on Github Pages. The license of the theme and of the website is CC-BY-SA-3.0 (Unported). All content on this website is static.

You’re welcome to make Pull Requests to improve the bot or it’s systems/libraries.

Page Javascript

This website uses javascript only for the dark/light theme switch. It should be LibreJS compatible, and it’s licensed under the CC-BY-SA-3.0 license. You can see the (pretty bad) javascript code used to do such here.


Most of the stuff in Mantaro is made by both David Rubio (Kodehawa) and Natan (natanbc).

Special thanks to Lars K. (MrLar) and Diego Ramirez (Haxiz) for moderating the support server and keeping the wiki up-to-date and pretty.

Special thanks to AdrianTodt for helping on the earlier stages of the bot’s life (2017)